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I did get the apron on Wed 31st. Feel sorry I didn't order those hand-warmers (today temperature dropped down to -2C) I usually ride about 10 km a day, but it is New York riding---a lot of swirling and sudden stops.
Be well, Arthur.
PS I will definitely recommend your services to anyone looking for a similar apron in New York. What a great product and service. Thanks again.

I'm very pleased with the apron. I was especially pleased with the quick service and delivery and also with the fact that you fitted the product for me.
I'm interested in buying a pair of hand muffs and would like to order them this way. When could they be delivered ?

Dear London apron scooter company
I bought an apron in your company. I am very pleased with it. Really good but, my hands are freezing! (specially now with these low temperatures!)
do you sell anything that I could put on the scooter so that my hands do
not get so cold?
I have seen some scooters with a "cover" for the hands. I actually do not know the name of it nor where I could buy it. Could you please give me some advice?
Thank you very much

Yes it's been great thanks, especially on mornings such as this!!! It's been brilliant.
Kind Regards,

Everything is going fine with the apron. Grateful to have it in this weather!
Kind regards

For me it works fine. If I would make suggestions then just a hook for Vespa drivers with boot, that you can tag the end of the apron up better.

Thanks for your email. I'm certainly pleased with my scooter apron. It is warmer and dryer than without, and I like the fact that the clip at the back can hook under the seat which is locked - a deterrent to anyone wanting to whip it off.
Also do you sell handle bar pockets, and if so how much are they?
Many thanks

Yes the apron is great, I am actually looking forward to some rain, to see how it performs. I will probably be making a further order. I have a good friend with a moped and I want him to benefit from an apron as much as I have. bye for now and I am glad all is going well.

Excellent, thanks, very cosy on a cold morning.

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